Thanks for viewing I remember getting a guitar when I was 15 or 16 years old, and I bought a chord book to
learn with. Soon I was able to play songs and hooked up with some friends,and well,we were playing rock & roll songs together! So exciting to be able to make music come alive as a group! Well before long making a living came first and I had to quit the band.
Some years later, I was at a small club with a dj playing dance music (top forty dance) and people there were having
so much fun,I learned some dance moves and had a line of women waiting to dance with me every time I went there!
I decided to buy some sound and lighting equipment and loads of records. Played some pig roasts,keg parties,even college parties. Pretty soon I was playing clubs.
I recommend 18″subs,10″mids and horns(high end). Plan out some lighting. With todays
electronics and computers and some imagination you can put together an unbelievable show!

Ozzy,Grand Funk Railroad,Led Zeplin,Pink Floyd,Eric Clapton,Steve Miller,ect… All these bands will be gone forever
soon and if I recommend that you go see them live when they come to your area then, dont hesitate just go!!! The only
thing left will be videos and good ones are hard to find… Dj , Brian B Goode…

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